Features and benefits of the Jaxx Web wallet

The official launch of the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet took place in 2016. Initially, the developers created a cross-platform program. It is compatible with all popular operating systems. Applications for mobile devices launched.

Not so long ago, a browser version of jaxx web appeared, which does not require downloading and installing software. Its functionality is not inferior to alternative JAXX products. The clients have access to the same options, capabilities, operations.

Advantages of the Jaxx Web online wallet

JAXX wallet can be safely called a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency wallets. In those difficult years, it was necessary to find a functional, simple and convenient service for storing cryptocurrency. For example, some were reliable but required too much memory on the device. Pros of the browser version of Jaxx:

  • A voluminous listing of available cryptocurrencies for storage. Clients will discover both familiar BTC and ETH, as well as new and promising altcoins that are gaining popularity.
  • You don’t need to create different accounts to access from different devices. Wallet One is valid for mobile, online and desktop versions. It is very convenient and practical.
  • Simple and intuitive interface. It is not overloaded with elements, it loads quickly. Even with low internet speeds, Jaxx online is stable.
  • Convenient backup function that allows you to quickly restore access to your wallet from a USB flash drive or other media. There is also a function to restore access through a SEED phrase.
  • High level of confidentiality. Through the system, it is possible to further enhance the degree of the wallet, minimizing the risk of being hacked.

The Jaxx wallet is constantly evolving. The developers update the web version regularly. In particular, the list of cryptocurrencies that can be stored in the wallet is expanding, and the security system is improving. It is important that the service does not have a fiat wallet. However, for ease of use in any case of the world in accordance with the current exchange rate.

How do I register a Jaxx wallet?

If you are interested in the online version of the Jaxx wallet, then you do not have to download and install software. Open myjaxx.io website and select “Create New Wallet”. Read the terms of service and click on the “I agree” button. Follow the further steps. You will spend no more than 5 minutes to register an online wallet.

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